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Monday, August 19, 2019

Last site update: Sunday 18th August 2019

Welcome to Mary Ward Books. We are an independent family run online bookstore established in 1997 and specialising in second hand, out-of-print and used-books. We have a new stock of used books for sale every week and are happy to search for requested titles. Our aim is to be of service, please click here to read feedback from past customers.

All our listed used books have been photographed. Each image on our site is a thumbnail of the actual book in stock. The photo quality is reduced to speed up image download times and we are happy to supply higher quality images by e-mail. If you have any further questions about an individual used book or require a more detailed condition report please e-mail Mary Ward Books or use our 'ask question' button, found on every used book description page.

Mary Ward Books holds a large selection of off-line second hand and out of print books. If you can't find your book on our website there is still a good chance we have it. Please use our request book form to fill in details of the title you are looking for and we will search our off line inventory.



Author: John (edit). Hayward
Publisher: Chatto & Windus
Year Published: 1948
Our Price: £28.88 GBP ($0.00 USD)
Description: Chatto & Windus 1948: first edition orange cloth hard back with blue and gilt title panel to upper spine: 311 pages including index of titles and index of authors.Synopsis : An anthology of poetry inspired by the authors attempts to illustrate, as fairly as limitations of space and personal taste permitted, the work of two or three generations of the poetic genius of the seventeenth century. Included are the works of : Philip Ayres, Alphra Behn, Edward Benlowes, William Bosworth , Samuel Butler ,Thomas Carew , William Cartwright ,William Chamberlyne , Edward Cherbury, Richard Corbet ,Charles Cotton , Abraham Cowley , Richard Crashaw, William D’Avenant , Sir John Denham, John Donne, Charles Sackville, William Drummond , John Dryden, Sir George Etheridge , Sir Richard Fanshaw, Owen Feltham, Thomas Flatman, Phinas Fletcher, Sydney Godolphin , William Habington , John Hall, William Hammond, George Herbert , Herbert of Cherbury, Robert Herrick, Ben Jonson, Henry King , Sir Francis Kinaston, ,Richard Leigh, Richard Lovelace, Andrew Marvell, John Milton, Katherine Philips, Francois Quarles, ,Thomas Randolph , John, Earl of Rochester , Charles Sackville, Sir Charles Sedley, James Shirley, Thomas Stanley , Williams Strode, Sir John Sucking ,Thomas Traherne, Henry Vaughan, Edmund Walker, John Wilmot ,Earl of Rochester; George Wither.Condition: very clean and good overall.
Condition: Collectable- Very Good
Dustcover: No
Binding: Hardback
Type: Used Books

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What Am I Doing Here? (Vintage Classics)


Title: What Am I Doing Here? (Vintage Classics)
Author: Chatwin, Bruce
ISBN: 99769816
Publisher: Vintage
Year Published: December 3, 1998
Our Price: £8.80 GBP ($0.00 USD)
Description: Review: This is the last of Bruce Chatwins works to be published while he was still alive (he penned the introduction in 1988, a few months before he died). Its a collection of Chatwin gems--profiles, essays, and travel stories that span the world, from trekking in Nepal and sailing down the Volga to working on a film with Werner Herzog in Ghana and travelling with Indira Gandhi in India. Chatwin excels, as usual, in the finely honed tale. : : Synopsis: Bruce Chatwin was, in his life as in his art, forever in search of the extraordinary, the exotic and the unexpected. In this collection of profiles, essays and travel stories, Chatwin takes us to Benin, where he is arrested as a mercenary during a coup; to Boston to meet an LSD guru who believes he is Christ; to India with Indira Ghandi when she attempted a political comeback in 1978; and to Nepal where he reminds us that Mans real home is not a house, but the Road, and that life itself is a journey to be walked on footComments: pristine - as new- immediate availability- Vintage paperback 1989. Format: Paperback. Pages: 384.
Condition: Used- Very Good
Dustcover: No
Binding: Paperback
Type: Used Books

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The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay


Title: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
Author: Chabon, Michael
ISBN: 1841154938
Publisher: Fourth Estate Ltd
Year Published: 2001
Our Price: £8.66 GBP ($0.00 USD)
Description: Review: Like the comic books that animate and inspire it, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay is both larger than life and of it too. Complete with golems and magic and miraculous escapes and evil nemeses, even hand-to-hand Antarctic battle, it pursues the most important questions of love and war, dreams and art, across pages lurid with longing and hope. Samuel Klayman--self-described little man, city boy and Jew--first meets Josef Kavalier when his mother shoves him aside in his own bed, telling him to make room for their cousin, a refugee from Nazi-occupied Prague. Its the beginning, however unlikely, of a beautiful friendship. In short order, Sams talent for pulp plotting meets Joes faultless, academy-trained line, and a comic-book superhero is born. A sort of lantern-jawed equaliser clad in dark blue long underwear, the Escapist roams the globe, performing amazing feats and coming to the aid of those who languish in tyrannys chains. Before they know it, Kavalier and Clay (as Sam Klayman has come to be known) find themselves at the epicentre of comics golden age. : : Suffice to say, Michael Chabon writes novels like the Escapist busts locks. Previous books such as The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and Wonder Boys have prose of equal shimmer and wit, and yet here he seems to have finally found a canvas big enough for his gifts. The whole enterprise seems animated by love: for his alternately deluded, damaged and painfully sincere characters; for the quirks and curious innocence of tough-talking wartime New York; and, above all, for comics themselves, the inspirations and lucubrations of five hundred ageing boys dreaming as hard as they could. Far from negating such pleasures, the Holocausts presence in the novel only makes them more pressing. Art, if not capable of actually fighting evil, can at least offer a gesture of defiance and hope--a way out of a world gone completely mad. --Mary Park, : : Tom Payne, Daily Telegraph: Comments: pristine - as new- immediate availability 4th Estate paperback 2001-659 pages.
Condition: Used- Like New
Dustcover: No
Binding: Paperback
Type: Used Books

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