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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Last site update: Saturday 19th June 2021

Welcome to Mary Ward Books. We are an independent family run online bookstore established in 1997 and specialising in second hand, out-of-print and used-books. We have a new stock of used books for sale every week and are happy to search for requested titles. Our aim is to be of service, please click here to read feedback from past customers.

All our listed used books have been photographed. Each image on our site is a thumbnail of the actual book in stock. The photo quality is reduced to speed up image download times and we are happy to supply higher quality images by e-mail. If you have any further questions about an individual used book or require a more detailed condition report please e-mail Mary Ward Books or use our 'ask question' button, found on every used book description page.

Mary Ward Books holds a large selection of off-line second hand and out of print books. If you can't find your book on our website there is still a good chance we have it. Please use our request book form to fill in details of the title you are looking for and we will search our off line inventory.

The Bab Ballads with which are included Songs of A with Savoyard


Title: The Bab Ballads with which are included Songs of A with Savoyard
Author: W. S. Gilbert
ISBN: MW001765822
Publisher: Macmillan
Year Published: 1906
Our Price: £88.00 GBP ($0.00 USD)
Description: Macmillan & Co 1906, sixth edition green cloth hardcover with gilt decoration to front and gilt lettering to spine: approximately 5.2 x 1.5 x 8 inches tall: 564 pages including index to first lines and alphabetical index, plus publishes list: 350 inset line illustrations by the author. Synopsis: A collection of the Bab Ballads, most of which were originally published in the magazine" Fun", with the addition of songs and ballads written for the Gilbert and Sullivan light operas by W. S. Gilbert , and previously published as Songs of a Savoyard. Condition spine ends and corners very slightly bumped: overall very clean and good
Condition: Collectable- Very Good
Dustcover: No
Binding: Hardback
Type: Used Books

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Chemical Thermodynamics


Title: Chemical Thermodynamics
Author: Frederick T Wall
ISBN: MWB62153
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
Year Published: 1958
Our Price: £20.90 GBP ($0.00 USD)
Description: W H Freeman & Co 1958 red and grey hardcover with: gilt lettering and decoration: approximately 6.2 x 9.5 inches tall: 422 pages, including index: black and white figures. Contents: Introduction. The First Law of Thermodynamics. Thermochemistry. The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Entropy and Probability; the Third Law of Thermodynamics. Isothermal Processes; Work Content and Free Energy. Equilibrium between Phases; Vapour Pressures. Partial Molar Quantities and Systems of Variable Composition. Chemical Reactions; the Phase Rule. Statistical Mechanics; Maxwell- Boltzmann Statistics. Translational Properties of Ideal Gases. Partial Functions in Statistical Thermodynamics. Nonideal Systems. Liquid Solutions. Activities. Solutions of Electrolytes; Electronic Cells. Appendix: Exact and Inexact Differentials; Line Integrals. Some Useful Integrals. Table of Some Useful Constants and Conversion Factors. Table of Thermodynamic Data. Symbols and Notation. Condition: upper spine edge bumped: very clean, firm and good overall
Condition: See Above
Dustcover: No
Binding: Hardback
Type: Used Books

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Northanger Abbey and Persuasion


Title: Northanger Abbey and Persuasion
Author: Jane Austin John Davie
ISBN: 0192553437
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year Published: 1971
Status: Sold - We are currently out of stock for this title

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