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Monday, October 26, 2020

Last site update: Sunday 25th October 2020

Welcome to Mary Ward Books. We are an independent family run online bookstore established in 1997 and specialising in second hand, out-of-print and used-books. We have a new stock of used books for sale every week and are happy to search for requested titles. Our aim is to be of service, please click here to read feedback from past customers.

All our listed used books have been photographed. Each image on our site is a thumbnail of the actual book in stock. The photo quality is reduced to speed up image download times and we are happy to supply higher quality images by e-mail. If you have any further questions about an individual used book or require a more detailed condition report please e-mail Mary Ward Books or use our 'ask question' button, found on every used book description page.

Mary Ward Books holds a large selection of off-line second hand and out of print books. If you can't find your book on our website there is still a good chance we have it. Please use our request book form to fill in details of the title you are looking for and we will search our off line inventory.

Fifty Thrilling Wild West Stories


Title: Fifty Thrilling Wild West Stories
Author: Various.
ISBN: MWO0421720
Publisher: Odhams
Year Published: Undated circa 1950
Our Price: £22.00 GBP ($0.00 USD)
Description: Odhams Press undated but circa 1950: black cloth hardcover with gilt lettering and decoration to spine: gilt decoration to front: approximately 5.25 x 8.25" tall: 704 pages: 17 full page black and white illustrated including frontispiece. Synopsis: a compilation of 50 short stories relating to the development of the Western States of America known as the 'Wild West'. Contents are as follows: Why the Wild West Was Wild by F E Sutton. The Borrowed Brand by Paul Evan Lehman. The Long Arm of the Mounted by Harry Sinclair Drago. Bully of The Town by Tom Roan. Blue Eyes and Blue Steel by Charles H Snow.. Bill Latimer's Tree by W D Hoffman. In the Mexican Quarter by Tom Gill. Without Fear or Favour by William MacLeod Raine. Battle,s End by Max Brand. Grub Delayed by Archie Joscelyn. Horseshoe Law in Misty Sink by William A Todd. Thief'! by Will Jenkins. The Treasure of Iron Dome, by Charles H Snow. The Sheriff Was a Runt by Will Jenkins. Broken Courage by Charles Wesley Sanders. Reward for an Outlaw by Herbert Sullivan. The Reverend Chawles by George Goodchild. The Sheriff of Crevasse County by George Brydges Rodney.. Ghosts of the Cimarron by Harry Sinclair Drago. The Killers by George Brydges Rodney. He Belonged West by Christopher Culley. The School Ma'am of Selwood Flats by Paul Evan Lehman. Fighting Fool by Tom Roan. A Reason for Wrath by Johnston Ma C ulley. Three Little Calves by Frank C Robertson. Change of Name by George S Surrey. Death badge by Lee Bond. The Cave of Death by James Denson Sayers. Singing Lead by Eugene Cunningham Texas Ranger by Lester Gregory. Rustled Herd by Lester Gregory. The Whip Hand by George Brydges Rodney. The Marquis and Miss Sally by O Henry. Kid Cyclone by Leo Grex. This Worm Has Fangs by James Denson Sayers. Six Gun Justice by Louis Gray. Million-dollar Burros by H C Wire. A Mountie's Code by Canon Risdon. Man of Ice by Claude Rister. When the Coach Was Held up by George Thorne. El Roded by R B Cunninghame Graham. Warrior Woman by Frank Roland Conklin. A Vengeance by Proxy by G S Wallington. A Doubtful Experiment by Gerald Sussex. Vigilante Vengeance by Joseph F Hook. Two Snakes and a Man by Lloyd Eric Reeve. Maverick Water by David Lavender. Riding With the Mail by Clarence E Mulford. The Phantom of the Rio Grande by Jay Allen Dunn. Gunsmoke in Raimondo by Denver Bardwell. Condition can reinforcement to front end paper hinge: cover and contents very clean and good.
Condition: Collectable- Good
Dustcover: No
Binding: Hardback
Type: Used Books

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1974 Catalogue of English pottery and porcelain


Title: 1974 Catalogue of English pottery and porcelain
Author: Sotheby and co.
ISBN: MW00210555
Publisher: Sotheby and company
Year Published: 1974
Our Price: £17.60 GBP ($0.00 USD)
Description: Sotheby's 1974: Green card covered catalogue: approximately 6 x 9.5 inches tall: 39 pages: black and white photographic illustrations. Synopsis: A catalogue of English Pottery comprising Delftware, Whieldon, Staffordshire, (including biblical, classical and narrative subject figures) Wedgwood, and other factories; and English Porcelain comprising a collection of New Hall, (with extensive examples of the factory's production in hard paste and bone china) Lowestoft Bow, Derby, and Worcester and other 18th-century English factories, and later English and Welsh porcelain. The 245 lots offered for sale on 5 November 1974 included the property of David Holgate, Esq, the Late Hugh Beaumont, Miss J B Mitchell, and others. The catalogue includes extensive description of the 240 lots, and some clear black and white photographic illustrations. Condition: cover slightly worn: overall very clean and good.
Condition: Collectable- Good
Dustcover: No
Binding: Paperback
Type: Used Books

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Hebrew English New Testament


Title: Hebrew English New Testament
Author: Not applicable
ISBN: MW003219
Publisher: Hebrew Scripture Society
Year Published: 1966
Our Price: £13.75 GBP ($0.00 USD)
Description: The Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures, printed at the University Press Cambridge, 1966 with Hebrew and English typesetting and editorial pagination:black leatherette hardcover with gilt lettering to spine: approximately 4.5 x 7inches tall: 540 pages of Hebrew print with English print on facing pages. Condition: three lines of ink inscription to last page: very clean and good overall.
Condition: Collectable- Very Good
Dustcover: No
Binding: Hardback
Type: Used Books

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